Forest Row Village Support Network (FRVSN) is a project originally inspired by SAGA that aims to engage the local community for the benefit of Senior Citizens and Vulnerable Adults. The help of Volunteers will be essential for its success.

The know-how for the setting up process came from Rotherfield St Martin, a charity which has been providing this sort of support to their village for the last 10 year, and is now highly successful. Rotherfield have offered continued support and advice for our group here in Forest Row and a small working party has been formed.

A questionnaire was distributed around the area to discover which facilities are already being used, and what people would like to see introduced. There was a good response with a Befriender scheme being the most popular request.

1st October 2013 was our launch date and we now have several Volunteers/Befrienders, who we have linked up with new Members. The more people who express an interest in becoming a member, and the more people are able to offer to be a Volunteer, the better our chances of success.