Could you become one of our volunteers?

Please let us know if you feel you could give even a small amount of your time to volunteer as a Befriender or Admin Help. The more volunteers we have the more people we can help!

We offer:

  • Flexibility and hours to suit you
  • Networking opportunities
  • Socials

We are looking for:

  • Enthusiasm
  • A choice of skills
  • Commitment, large or small

Please do contact us to find out more, even if you are just thinking about it!

T: 07851 131 822 @: frvsn@yahoo.com

Testimonials from some of our volunteers

“I have been visiting “W”, who is housebound, regularly in her own home. In the beginning her mood was fairly flat and she was a bit under stimulated through limited contact with the outside world. Over time I noticed that she became more lively, chatty and engaging. She enjoyed opportunities to tell me her life story and with encouragement she was able to recall many specific details. Together we listened to music that she used to enjoy as a young woman.  The opportunity for social interaction and focused engagement  seemed to help improve her memory as well as her mood.  It was deeply satisfying for me to see the effect of spending short periods of time consistently with “W”.” Mary

“I joined the Network because I believe in contributing something to the community in which I live and also I wanted to meet more people as I am quite new to Forest Row.  I knew there are lonely people everywhere who can’t get out and about and I thought I could make a difference to one or two lives by just keeping them company or “Befriending” them.  I have found that “Befriending” is a mutual business and I now have two new friends!” Suruchi

“I find befriending very rewarding.  Not only does it provide friendship for both of us but helping someone with their problems is very satisfying.   I volunteer three times a week and really look forward to each visit. There are many things one can help with – shopping, pensions, doctor’s appointments, lifts to the hairdresser or just a short walk in the sunshine.” Jennifer

Elderly stretch