FRow Friends champions diversity and hopes to connect all residents, young or old, recently moved here or long-term. We want to reach those who might feel lonely or isolated. We would like you to feel inspired and freely commit to making a positive difference in the life of the village.

We would like to expand FRow Friends as a community hub providing a diverse range of services and activities.

We wish to enable the forming of new friendships and to address isolation and loneliness by nurturing connections and encouraging camaraderie.

We want to lead in making Forest Row a village where everyone is passionate about using their skills, abilities, talents, experience and knowledge to benefit the community as a whole.

We want to listen to the community and start a conversation to encourage innovative and imaginative ways to connect different groups and people.

We want to champion difference and diversity by embracing our wealth of life experiences.

We want to improve communication amongst our residents and share what inspires and drives us.